Get Personal With Your Customers.

Social media is all about community. Think of it as a group of online channels dedicated to interaction, input, ideas, content-sharing, and collaboration. Moving in and out of those communities is a type of social networking.

How you engage and serve the people in those communities, many of who are your existing customers, can create (or erode) a strong and positive relationship opinion of you. Connecting in a way that’s authentic to your brand, services and products is more than snagging a simple “like” or “follow.” It has the ability to energize a group of people around your company for the greater good of both.

Get social with your target audience.
Connect where it matters most.

Improved Brand Awareness

People who are familiar with your brand share it within their circles. This shows their loyalty to your products and can influence others opinion of your company. In fact, 53% of Americans who follow brands in social are more loyal to those brands.

Increased Conversion Opportunities

A strong community around your brand can directly relate to repeat – and new! – sales. Humanized interactions on social media channels help your company’s personality, quality and commitments shine through. Plus, social media leads nearly double the close rate of outbound marketing.

Increased Inbound Traffic

The more active you are on social media, the more likely that folks will be drawn to you. Every piece of content provides an opportunity for an interaction or sale.

Decreased Marketing Costs

No one reads newspapers, direct mail is insanely expensive, and just about everyone loves cat videos. Social media allows you to reach your customers where they are… and at a fraction of the cost.

Better Customer Experiences

Social media provides an easy way to give feedback and share experiences (just think yummy food photos). By giving your customers a platform to engage with your brand, you enhance their experiences, too!

Improved Customer Insights

Who “likes”us? Where are they located? On what days does our community engage with us the most? At what time are they most active? Social media helps you know “your people.”