Pay Per Click Advertising

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The two main pay-per-click advertising platforms are Google, where your ad can be shown on various search engine results pages such as, as well as on partner sites and apps; and Facebook, where your ads can be shown on and partner sites and apps, such as Instagram.

Depending on different factors, such as your target market and your advertising budget, Apairta can recommend which of these platforms would be most beneficial to your company. With successful client accounts in both Google and Facebook, we can help drive traffic to your website, while keeping costs minimal.

Our team believes in using regular reporting to review what has worked, what didn’t and what account improvements need to be made.

Branded Ads

Stay above other companies serving similar products/services and drive visits to your home page, or a specific call-to-action. A cost effective way to manage your brand online.


Capture customers in their quest for your product or service! This is an effective and immediate way to compete in even the most competitive searches.


Continue to stay in front of potential customers, particularly ones who have been to your website. By positioning targeted ads in front of this group, you remain top of mind.


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