Market your expertise.
Generate qualified leads for your business.

Whether you are just opening your doors or working for an established firm, marketing your services is essential for growing your business.

Integrated marketing and practice managementOpen Market Stack’s integrated marketing and communication tools help you connect with people who are actively seeking your specific business services. The result is qualified prospects who translate into a solid book of business. Think of it as personalized lead generation with a record of every touch point from initial marketing contact through case closed.

Our targeted online marketing programs leverage email, web, social marketing, and mobile campaigns to reach potential clients — and help you stay connected with existing ones.

  • Set reminders to automatically reach out to potential clients who express an interest in your services
  • Use marketing automation tools to quickly customize one-on-one campaigns to improve client communications
  • Trigger alerts for upcoming deadlines, document needs, court dates and other benchmarks that are captured in a client profile
  • Analyze marketing data for prospects, programs, business areas, office locations and more – in real-time
  • Ramp campaign efforts up or down based on your own ROI criteria

You can also run traditional marketing programs from Open Market Stack’s lead generation lists or your own networking events. Leverage everything from our images to business area content to jump start customized programs for your business areas. All marketing activity will still be assigned to individual prospects, programs and cases so you can appropriately account for all marketing actions.

Communication Tools and Features

LMS_CloudMakeup_Final_ShadowOpen Market Stack wants to be your partner. Our integrated approach to marketing, communications and business management is designed to help you grow your business.

With business area content and images ready to go, you can create a professional website just by registering with us. Our marketing and business teams are also available to help you develop the essential elements required to attract qualified prospects. Assisting with everything from direct mail to online campaigns, we work with you to build performance-cased programs that drive qualified leads to your business. We can also help you use and manage social media outlets like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Contact us to learn more about growing your business.

Your Website or a New Marketing Website Create your firm’s website simply by registering with Open Market Stack. FreeTrial
If you already have a site, you can create a marketing site dedicated to your most active business area to help drive new clients to your services. Learn more

  • It’s easy to convert prospects into engagements. All information submitted via a form, email address or using the phone number displayed on your website is automatically captured in your business management system.
  • All inquiries sent to alias addresses like Contact Us, Support or New Case, generate a lead in your business management system. You then can set requirements around your preferred follow-up efforts as well as share information related to their business request — all with just a few clicks.
Marketing Content & Images Our marketing teams wants to help you grow your business. Work with them to develop essential business and marketing elements for a professional presence that attracts qualified prospects. We can help you:

  • Create your business’s logo and color palette as well as custom web templates, email signatures, newsletter designs and more.
  • Develop content about your team and key business areas for your website, marketing pieces, educational presentations, newsletters or general professional communications. They are also a great resource for making SEO improvements to your website.
  • Build traditional and online marketing programs around your business areas.
  • Contact our marketing and business team to learn more.
Text (SMS) Communications Text messages are becoming a mainstream  tool even for business communications. Using our client management system, you can send SMS messages straight to your clients.

  • Automate text messages as a preferred communication mode or set it up as a back-up after email or phone.
  • Use our straight-forward interface to craft the SMS message, sent it to your prospect or client and then add it to their client record so that all communication is in one consistent place.
Mobile App Integration Mobile apps for Open Market Stack’s business management solutions are available for the iPhone, iPad and Android phones.

  • Maintain communication and workflows regardless of where you are.
  • Create, view and edit any client file just like you can from your desktop computer. Plus, you can set up mobile alerts and tasks to help you keep up with tasks while you’re on the go.
Outlook  Email Integration Open Market Stack synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook to capture contacts, events and tasks.

  • Attach an email from Outlook to a specific client or case within your business management system – and vice versa.
  • Maintain your preferred email workflows and still capture all activity as part of a client record so tasks can be assigned, documents can be shared and accurate hours can be billed.
Quick & Easy Mass Mailings* Opening a new business area? Adding an associate? Moving your office? No problem. Open Market Stack makes it easy to communicate to your entire client base – or a select subset – using a newsletter-style email.

  • Creating lists and sending global correspondence only takes a little prep and a few clicks.
  • Customize professionally designed templates to ensure your emails include your logo, colors and images.
  • Track actions (like open rate and forwards) so you can plan your next marketing campaign or sales action.
Work-Flow Generated Emails Once you’ve secured a client, consistent and informative communication is critical.

  • Automatically schedule emails or alerts in your client portal when actions have taken place or are needed.
  • Alert clients about almost any action – court dates, depositions, missing documents, outstanding payment.
  • Use simple templates to create workflows and processes that include business-wide language or customized content based on the attorney or case.
Secure Client Portal Available via the web, your secure client portal provides instant access to important case information. This always-on tool promotes open, clear lines of communication.

  • Created automatically when you register with Open Market Stack.
  • Improve client communications.
  • Save time while capturing every activity for each engagement.
  • Learn more about our secure client portal.

* Not available during free trial