Client & Practice Management that automates common tasks & helps you easily capture billable time.Increase productivity and profitability.
Foster strong client relationships.

Open Market Stack’s client and business management tools create a robust set of CRM features – plus the document management  tools your business requires. By automating required tasks between colleagues, clients and integrated systems like billing, you can exponentially increase your effectiveness – and more accurately capture billable time. Every detail from your marketing efforts to specific case details are collected and accessible through one simple interface.

Client & Business Management For each client and case, Open Market Stack correlates your correspondence, tasks and documents into one place that’s available anytime on essentially every device. With all of the details in one place, you can bill time from specific tasks. No more chasing down missing information and adding up hours.

  • Track every move – from marketing and lead generation through client creation and case closed
  • More effectively capture your actions and time
  • Establish processes that leverage workflows, templates and milestones to improve case outcomes
  • Simplify and speed billing
  • Use our mobile apps to stay anytime, anywhere
Business Automation When you streamline your basic case and business tasks, you can engage new clients more quickly. Our automation tools help you save time, fast track case tasks and promote a consistent, professional client interaction. This directly impacts your profitability

  • Customize workflows to match your business’s preferred processes, plus edit them on the fly
  • Assign cases, events, tasks or specific actions to colleagues
  • Establish trigger events so another process starts when a threshold is met (for example, text a remainder to your client three days before their court date)
  • Automate established businesss to ensure consistency and improve efficiency
  • Use your secure client portal, email or texts to communicate to your clients at specific intervals
Document Management & Assembly Easy document management increases consistency and efficiency allowing you to work smarter. With a couple of clicks, you can create or re-purpose any base document with personal information straight from your client management tool. The result is a custom, case-specific document – in seconds.

  • Reduce the time it takes to start a new case
  • Use customizable templates to create matter-specific documents quickly
  • Save customized documents as a template to speed case work
  • Access existing files from Google Drive, Drop Box or your server
  • Share final files as PDFs to ensure readability and allow for secure electronic signatures
  • Retrieve files anytime, anywhere using your computer, tablet or smartphone
Calendar Open Market Stack’s robust calendar lets you create and sync shared calendars that can be viewed by your colleagues and your clients. Plus, we integrate with Microsoft Outlook and Google so that all of your commitments are in one place.

  • Access our time log feature straight from the calendar to help capture all billable time
  • Schedule, invite and organize events with your clients and colleagues
  • Set automatic alerts when a schedule changes or a colleague adds a task to your schedule
  • View color-coded events by day, week or month
  • Filter to show only your schedule
  • Sync with Microsoft Outlook and Google
Time Management & Billing Accurately accounting for time spent on every activity directly impacts your firm’s bottom line. Our time tracking tools ensure that your entire team is connected and able to document each tasks and time spent for every client.

  • Use our “quick create” button to easily log your time, link it to a client and save your actions – all part of an individual client’s record
  • Easily capture every action – from emails to document management to phone calls – for every client
  • Immediate access to reports that show time spent for each engagement
  • Assign tasks to colleagues so that their time is included in a client’s record
  • Create invoices that reflect every hour and action completed on each client’s behalf
Security Secure Stack keeps all of your information safe. We use 128-bit encryption on all of web traffic from your browser to server. We apply modern security protocols to keep all of your information safe.

  • Learn more about Secure Stack and how our open-source technologies work together to keep your information safe
  • Client sensitive information encrypted in the cloud for additional protection
  • Always look for the lock:Our secure stack protocols keep your client information safe & secure.
Secure Client Portal Available via the web, your secure client portal provides instant access to important case information. This always-on tool promotes open, clear lines of communication.

  • Created automatically when you register with Open Market Stack
  • Improve client communications
  • Save time while capturing every activity for each engagement
  • Learn more about our secure client portal
Mobile App Integration Mobile apps for Open Market Stack’s business management solutions are available for the iPhone, iPad and Android phones.

  • Maintain communication and workflows regardless of where you are
  • Create, view and edit any client file just like you can from your desktop computer. Plus, you can set up mobile alerts and tasks to help you keep up with tasks while you’e on the go.
Reporting Regardless of your firm’s size, managing your case load is essentially equal to running your own small business. Each case can be correlated to service that is either creating a profit or a loss. It’s important you have the tools to help you make those distinctions.

  • Capture and analyze activity on every data field that’s captured as part of a client or case record
  • Segment information that’s relevant to your needs
  • Filter on topics like business areas, demographics or time – in real-time
  • Identify trends and draw conclusions on your firm’s performance
  • Understand your return on key efforts and strategically make decisions about business growth and marketing
  • View reports in your business management tool or export your data via Microsoft Excel