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The Creative Minds Behind

  • Stephen Aud
    Stephen Aud Data Defender

    Technology Strategy and Operation. Focused on performance, scalability, reliability, and security – using and contributing to open source solutions.  Over two decades experience in IT, applications, vendor integration. Critical thinker, pragmatic problem solver, eternal optimist.  Enjoys family, reading, cooking, movies, running, and golf.

  • Haley Anhut
    Haley AnhutDigitalist

    PR, Events and Marketing background. A hunger for learning and a passion for people. Your go-to for any account questions, comments or concerns. A need for numbers, not assumptions. Strong focus on customer satisfaction and account success. Millennial age with a baby boomer work ethic. Enjoys yoga, running and spending time with family.

  • Brandon Cook
    Brandon CookGrowth Hacker

    Lover of all things analytics. In tune with online and off-line advertising. Data diver for content that resonates with target customers. Promoter of boot-strap start-ups and those with million dollar marketing programs. Focused on generating sales, leads and phone calls from creative online marketing strategies. Can be found enjoying the great outdoors running, hiking and skiing.

  • Jay Smith
    Jay SmithAutomation Innovator

    Entrepreneurial spirit. Enhances processes to add business value. Focused on easy, automated workflows that deliver consistent customer experiences and build loyalty. Optimized more than $10 billion in yearly revenue for commerce, tax and business operations. Avid sailor, skier and tennis player.

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  • The Ken
  • +44 3212 0021
  • +44 5565 3340
  • 11 Village Road New Mills Cirencester Glos GL7 1DG United Kingdom