Use Technology To Accelerate Your Business

Apairta correlates your communications, tasks and documents into one practice management tool that’s available anytime, on any device.

When you have everything in one place, you can streamline your workflow, automate processes and improve client service.

Track Billable Time

Make sure every billable hour is accounted for and invoiced with a seamless workflow.

Easy Document Managment

Store your files in a secure and organized environment. Keep them at an arm’s reach for your customers.

Establish Custom Workflows

Create your own or use our professional services team to automate marketing, lead nourishment and billing collections.

Leverage SMS Communication

Monetize your existing client base via text! Use this affordable channel for anything from event reminders to payment due dates.

Simplify Invoices and Payments

Take the pain out of billing your clients. Easily apply standard services, hourly rates and retainer fees to a billing workflow.

Secure Client Portal

Security has never been more important. Apairta’s platform will ensure safe keeping of client records.

Cloud Based Technology

The days of hard copies and local storage are over. Access your files anywhere, anytime with a cloud-based CRM.

Leverage Advanced Encryption and Security

We work hard on security so that you don’t have to. Focus on what’s important to your business and let Apairta handle the rest.

Quickbooks Integration

We know how important accounting is to your business. We’ve made the process one step easier by integrating our CRM with Quickbooks.