LMS_CloudMakeup_Final_ShadowGrow your business. Integrate your office.

Open Market Stack is a marketing and technology company aimed at helping attorneys promote their services and better manage their cases and clients.

Numerous close friends of ours, who happen to be lawyers, have told us countless times that in law school, they never even touched on how to market themselves, their skills or their services. The business of practicing law is actually quite difficult. They agree that no lawyer starts or joins a small firm to become a business person, work in marketing or spend their day managing administrative tasks and tracking documents.

We understand. It’s why we’re bringing our work with other industries to legal practices. We believe busy attorneys can benefit from similar types of marketing programs and client enterprise tools – on a simplified, easy-to-use scale – that our previous multi-national customers have used for years.

Legal Market Stack was created to help attorneys:

  • Generate new leads
  • Convert more active cases
  • Save time and reduce costs
  • Improve client communications
  • Grow their practice

We do the dirty (distracting, nagging, looming, required and time-consuming) work so you can support, serve, guide and advise your clients on matters of law.


Our cloud-based solutions are built on proven open source technologies. While we’ve customized our solutions for use by small businesses, our core technologies were developed by a strong community of thousands of developers. The open source community is committed to developing, testing and updating technology that advances a greater good – in fact, the Internet itself if largely composed of open-source programs. With open source code as our foundation, we can offer reliable and robust solutions that have been tested under extremely strenuous conditions. Open Market Stack can quickly adapt and integrate new meaningful and time-saving features into our tailored solutions.


We understand the paramount importance of keeping all personal information secure and confidential. That’s why we’ve put dedicated attention in create our Secure Stack protocols. By using open source technologies, we harness the continuous and broad review that is inherent in publicly available source code. This improves our overall offerings since bugs and defects are identified and eliminated. In fact, for years, sources like Gartner have “recommended that open source apache Web servers area a more secure alternative to closed source Internet information servers. The availability of source code also facilitates in-depth security reviews and audits by government customers.”


Open Market Stack’s cloud-based service means that our customers don’t have to install and maintain hardware or software. We handle all updates, upgrades and overall solution management ensuring that all security and offers are tested, tried and true. All Open Market Stack records are backed-up and protected from disaster, like a bum hard drive or a stolen laptop. We’re also able to guarantee up time on a scale that traditionally only larger businesses have enjoyed – and without additional costs. Cloud-based services also mean that you only need an Internet connection to access any Open Market Stack solution on any device at any time.


Open Market Stack integrates all back-office solutions with your communication tools and a full-featured website. We believe that it’s not enough to simply manage tasks and documents for existing clients. You need a way to generate new business. By ensuring leads from your website and online marketing efforts feed your client management tools, you can track which programs are bringing you qualified new business. Then, you can super-serve all of your clients using simple, intuitive workflows can be customized and automated to fit your preferred processes.  All activity is neatly recorded in your clients’ accounts, including exchanges made using the secure client portal. Our secure bundled “stack” of services results in increased client satisfaction, fewer management headaches and more time spent practicing law.